Plotters for Sale in New York

A plotter is a specialized type of printer used in printing graphics. Plotters use ink to draw continuous lines on paper instead of individual dots. This feature is useful in architecture blueprinting, CAD drawings, and engineering designs. The two distinctive types of plotters are flatbed and drum plotters.

Uses of Plotters

Plotter printers use physical pens to design. The pen is attached to a metal arm, and CAD software coordinates it to move vertically across a page. This technique allows for the production of large output and is more accurate than an inkjet printer. Construction and design industries readily adopted plotter printers because of the accuracy and clarity in details of their output. Some industries include the following:

  • Engineering drawing
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Interior design 
  • Technical drawing
  • Electronic engineering
  • Product engineering
  • Mapmaking
  • Manufacturing

Difference Between Plotter and Wide-Format Printer

Wide-format printers print on paper types that are larger than more standard computer printing paper. Because wide format is broadly used in the printing of materials that need large prints for easy reading. This includes posters, maps, charts, and blueprints. Various fields that need large-sized printing use wide-format printers to achieve this:

  • Photography
  • Graphic designers
  • Architectures
  • Engineering

Both wide-format and plotter printers create high-resolution images, but they differ in reproduction methods. Plotters are using vector format and creating images in lines, and so wide-format printers use pixelated raster filers and construct images on grids.

In contrast, because raster filers create images by setting up dots on grids and print images based on specific locations and color values. Images are graphics and are resolution independent, and so not losing clarity when enlarged, unlike those made by raster filers, which get distorted when enlarged because the pixels’ sizes become more immense.

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Plotter images are of high resolution and do not lose clarity when enlarged. Companies across the range of industries that demand precision should consider using plotters. Contact NY Copier Repair today to find the plotter that best fits your needs!