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Copier Rentals and Leases

Copiers are widely used in the education, business and government sectors. Although some people have predicted that these machines will soon become obsolete, photocopiers are still very much in use! Not only that, but the latest copiers can help you improve your organization’s efficiency and work flow for better productivity.

If the price of a new copier is prohibitive, renting or leasing may be better options that help preserve your cash flow while providing the equipment you need. Here’s what you need to know about renting and leasing copiers:

The Differences Between a Copier Lease and Rental

Copier rentals are not different from car rentals. Just like when you rent a car, with a copier rental, you will have to pay a fee for the time you will use the rented machine. The renting fee can be a cost-per-use fee or a monthly fee, but the rental period is always relatively short. This is a good option if your copier needs are ordinarily pretty low, but you have a project that will require a lot of copier use.

A copier lease, on the other hand, will help you own a copier but without the large upfront cost of purchasing it outright. When you enter into a lease agreement with a copier leasing company, you will agree to make payments for a copier in installments.

The total amount of money you will pay when leasing is likely to be more than the amount you would use to make an outright purchase, but lease payments are easier to fit into many budgets than the large outlay of cash that buying a new copier requires.

Why Might You Want to Rent a Copier Rather Than Lease One?

You might prefer to rent a copier rather than lease one when your needs are for a short period of time. For instance, you might rent a copier when carrying out a short-term project in an area that is far from your headquarters. However, it would be cumbersome to buy or lease a copier for your short-term needs. You might also prefer renting a copier over leasing one, as renting will allow you to use a color or high-speed copier for a given period.

Benefits of Copier Rentals

When you lease a copier, you will have to use it even if it becomes obsolete. On the flip side, renting a copier will allow you to use the new models of copiers available on the market. If you only rent the machine for a short time, you can decide to look for the new models after your initial renting contract ends.

It’s also possible to purchase a rented copier after the renting contract ends. Unlike copier leases, you’re less likely to spend a lot of money on copier rentals. Therefore, renting a copier will help you preserve your working capital and use it for building your business.

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 Rentals make sense for some situations. If you need a printer, copier or plotter for a specific job site or 

    Main features of Photocopier Rental

    •  100% tax deductible repayments if used 100% for business
    •  Preserves working capital for other purposes
    •  Ability to upgrade – reduces equipment obsolescence
    •  Opportunity to purchase after contract ends may be offered
    •  Off balance sheet reporting